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Meet Photon (PHO) - Photon is a unique coin - some key features include:

  • it is merge mined and uses the Blake256 algorithm. The mining process delivers 6 of the Blake256 family coins all at the same time
  • it is optimised for in-game transactions and for in-game mining which happens simultaneously as you play your game.
  • it allows for instant payments to anyone, anywhere in the world through peer-to-peer technology and no central authority.

The most exciting uses for Photon are in-game transactions and the noteworthy in-game mining capability which happens simultaneously while you play. These features make PHO unique.

To see the in-game transactions in operation see our feature game Counter Strike - Global Offensive (CS:GO) mod - see full details below.

In the future you will also see Photon implemented in the BlakeZone: a Post-Apocalyptic Survival MMOFPS game, that is currently in beta testing. BlakeZone is set up within the Blake Community. It is a non-fiat based game as BlakeZone uses cryptographic coins only.

Photon was created with the fast and light Blake-256 algorithm.

Blake-256 (optimized) is faster than Scrypt, SHA-256D and Keccak.

The algorithm was written as a candidate for SHA-3, based on round one candidate code from the Sphlib 2.1 library and reduced the round function to 8 rounds.

The family of coins merge mined simultaneously are PHO, Blakecoin, BlakeBitcoin, Electron, UniversalMolecule and Lithium.


  • Coin Type: Blake-256
  • Block Reward: 32768 + inflation (square root of (difficulty * block height))
  • No reduction of block reward
  • Cap in pace to reduce difficulty jumps upward
  • Block Target Time: 3 minutes
  • Retarget: 20 blocks
  • Total Coins: 90,000,000,000
  • Block Maturity: 120

Transaction Fees:

Managing transactions and issuing of coins are carried by the network and with very low, stable fees.

The fees are related to the size of transaction in KB (data size) and most small transactions are free and even on a bigger transaction fees are a small fraction of the overall amount.

Much like Satoshi Nakamoto has maintained his anonymity, developers Cinnamon_Carter and BlueDragon747, although deeply dedicated to supporting Photon, have chosen to maintain their anonymity and privacy, as well. So much so, in the wake of the wave of suspicious actors now permeating crypto, they have defended their right to avoid the spotlight and focus on what they enjoy most: developing wonderful technologies and releasing them to the world.

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This lack of promotion led some to question whether or not Photon was dead. It most certainly was not, as both developers have actively supported Photon quietly for years, which became abundantly clear as a community of Photon advocates began to form in December 2017. It can be said a rediscovery phase is now well under-way as the community grows in response to the impressive features of Photon that are once again coming to light.

Photon In-Game


Photon has now been integrated into Fortnite.
You are paid 1 cPHO for every solo kill, duo kill, squad kill, solo win, duo win, and squad win.
To play Fortnite proceed to CashnCarry to get full instructions on earning PHO in your new game.

Counter Strike - Global Offensive (CS:GO)

This is how Photon can change your game experience. In the pictures is an exciting example of the Counter Strike - Global Offensive (CS:GO) mod in operation. It is just a simple example of what Photon can be used for.
Please refer to the roadmap to see what else we have in store.
To discover about CS:GO in-game mod please purchase the game here
& then proceed to CashnCarry to learn how to integrate PHO and to purchase items for your new game.

Team Fortress 2 (TF2)

Photon has now been integrated into a mod for Team Fortress 2.
While in game you earn uPhotons for all of your actions.
To play Team Fortress 2 please download the FREE game here & then proceed to CashnCarry to get full instructions on earning PHO in your new game.

Other Games also supported

Photon has now been integrated into Fistful of Frags - Left 4 Dead 2 - Pirates Vikings and Knights 2.
To play proceed to CashnCarry to get full instructions on earning PHO in game.

Why Blake-256

  • The Blake-256 algorithm hash rate is just under 3x faster on the GPU and just over 2x on the FPGA compared with Bitcoin
  • The reward for mining Photon does NOT decrease over time, instead it increases with block height and difficulty
  • There are no restrictions on any platform as Photon does NOT include artificial *Security* or *Resistance* that reduce mining hash rate and power efficiency


  • simplicity of the algorithm
  • interface for hashing with a salt


  • fast in both software and hardware
  • parallelism and throughput/area trade-off for hardware implementation
  • simple speed/confidence trade-off with the tunable number of rounds


  • based on an intensively analyzed component (ChaCha)
  • resistant to generic second-preimage attacks
  • resistant to side-channel attacks
  • resistant to length-extension


There is only a windows Wallet compiled at the moment. Other compiled Wallets will follow soon.


You can trade Photon at Cryptopia, C-Patex, more exchanges are being considered all of the time.

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UPDATE - June 5th: Mac native wallets released, The WhitePaper is Live. BlakeZone portal in testing results due soon! Improved Roadmap is still in discussion, and therefore has been removed. Final version will be released when deadlines are within developers timeline.


Photon Whitepaper.

Version 2.0 PDF File download

How to mine?

Learn how to mine PHO here

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